Sunday, February 14, 2010

Noodles with squash, blue cheese, and sage

I often find that simple foods are the best, especially when they've been prepared with top-notch ingredients. This was dinner a while ago: homemade semolina noodles, butternut squash puree thinned to a sauce consistency, a handful of blue cheese, and fresh sage from my garden. Add cracked pepper to taste and dig in. So simple, but these flavors go together so well. Absolutely perfect.


  1. Sounds and looks yummy - you are an "artiste"! (or, is it "artista"?) I'd love to try this, but I can't eat blue cheese - I wonder if it would be as good with feta or parmesan?

  2. Mmm, probably wouldn't be quite as pungent, but I bet it would be great with feta or any other crumbly cheese.



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