Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trophy Cupcakes

When I was in Seattle last weekend, I was very excited to visit the renowned Trophy Cupcakes, a Mecca for lovers of cupcakes and All Things Cute.

Trophy Cupcakes is housed in an old brick school building that has been converted into a charming series of indoor shops. This fabulous bakery occupies the landing at the top of the main set of stairs as you enter the old school building.

Up these stairs lies Paradise...:

The decor is all brown/white/light teal and has a retro, almost Parisian feel:

But I came to see cupcakes! Here are some ready for Halloween:

Look at the mummy one with the eyeball peeking out! There are jars of cupcake toppers for sale:

And some really cute non-baked items, like this adorable card:

Enough of that; back to the cupcakes! This young woman was readying some for a Sweet Sixteen birthday party:

She very kindly slowed down to show me her technique for edging just the "shoulders" of the cupcake with sprinkles:

Cupcakes for Thanksgiving! Or maybe just for Fall:

Somebody in the back was sprinkling chocolate bits on wavy vanilla peaks:

Not sure what a "Blabbo" is, but Trophy had a whole jar of them for sale:

Sweet vanilla- and strawberry-frosted chocolate cupcakes:

Trophy Cupcakes, I'll be back again to see you someday!

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