Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Seattle Signage

Wherever I travel, I'm attracted to signs and interesting graphics. Here are some that caught my eye in Seattle recently:

The above was on a lamppost. Below, an acid-yellow/green escalator and sign in the city's arrestingly beautiful public library:

Okay, this isn't specific to Seattle, but I think the Brooks Brothers symbol of the Golden Fleece is one of the prettiest corporate logos I've ever seen:

And here's the sign above the original Starbucks coffee shop at Pike Place Market. I like the old-fashioned look of the original mermaid, below, but I think she's prettier now. The words "tea" and "spices" didn't survive her plastic surgery, either:

Don't know why the Doyle Building sign warranted a little bird nestled on it, but isn't he/she sweet?:

Yup, we're under a bridge. And yup, the street we're standing on has a big ol' troll lurking under the bridge. So, the sign is 100% accurate:

I thought the sign below might be for a local beer, but when I came back home I saw this around Los Angeles, too. And in taking this photo I dopily stood where the "Express Lanes" sign partially obliterated the fin on the beer bottle. Still, it's a cute billboard:

This sign below makes me soooo happy! More on why, tomorrow:

So long 'til then!

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