Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seattle Food

Food lovers have plenty to love in Seattle, a foodie paradise. Its proximity to the water assures a fresh supply of seafood to the local restaurants. There's a farmers' market in almost every neighborhood some day of the week. The city that practically invented coffee drinking has plenty of places to buy some caffeine, and we hit a number of them.

This yummy vignette with date scone and charming, mismatched china was our breakfast one day at Curio Confections in the University district. The lovely young woman behind the counter was up to her floured elbows making turkey potpies, but she gave us all her smiles and attention when we ordered coffee and pastries:

Please, do yourself a favor and visit their adorable website (see its link, above) with its old-fashioned graphics!

My camera inexplicably ate all the photos I took of a wonderful farmers' market in the University district, so I have nothing to show you. I'm soooo sorry! The variety of food for sale was just stunning. We saw vendors selling wild mushrooms foraged from the forest, high-school students proudly selling veggies they'd raised in their organic garden, and eleventy-bajillion types of squash for sale. That's just a taste. Please go to their website (above) and enjoy the visual feast.

By lunchtime, we were ready to enjoy a cozy meal of soup, more coffee and--yes--more pastries, at "Solstice," a funky place in the University district:

It made me smile that the sign, my daughter's coffee, and my espresso/cream cheese brownie all had swirly patterns:

It was a stellar, memorable, take-your-breath away, worth-every-calorie kind of brownie:

And I won't go into the details of how much I love Trophy Cupcakes, because I did that a couple of posts back. So, here's just one more photo from that emporium of wonderfulness to give them a nod:

No visit to Seattle is complete without a visit to Pike Place Market on the waterfront. A few doors down from the original, very first Starbucks, we visited Beecher's, an impressive cheese store, where they were making cheese right on the premises:

This gigantic stainless-steel tub, outfitted with a mixer arm that travelled up and down the length of the trough, was large enough to bathe several Shetland ponies:

Here's just a small section of the dizzying array of cheeses for sale at Beecher's:

Huh! Never seen these for sale, although I have read that wrapping your cheese in parchment paper helps prolong its life in the refrigerator:

Cute sign on the counter of Beecher's:

In the same block as the original Starbuck's and Beecher's was Piroshky Piroshky, a fabulous Russian bakery, where women were making sweet, raspberry-filled piroshky pastries as we watched:

And the savory piroshky lineup included these salmon ones, fashioned to look like the fish!:

Across the street, the famous Pike Place Fish Market offered these Golden Trout, a type I'd never seen before:
And down a few stalls, a vendor scooped up warm, salted nuts for us to nibble on:

My daughter tells me the veggie vendor who put out this sign often makes up misspellings and puns, to attract attention:

Even if you hate Brussels Sprouts, you have to love his sense of humor. That's enough food photos for a while...I'm hungry!

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