Monday, October 5, 2009

Seattle Blues

I just came back from visiting Seattle, and--no surprise here--I took a lot of photos of things that were blue. Here are some of my favorites.

Cobalt banners outside the Suzallo Library Reading Room, University of Washington:
Unidentified blue flowers, University of Washington campus:

Yacht, going through the Chittendon Locks near Ballard:

Drawbridge at far end of Chittendon Locks:

Metal-and-lights sculpture, near the Fish Ladder:

Fish & chips sign near Carl English Botanical Gardens:

Thai restaurant roofline:

Ballerina cupcake toppers for sale, Trophy Cupcakes:

Blue ribbon, Trophy Cupcakes:

Wall of blue crockery, Trophy Cupcakes:

(Can you tell I like this place?) Tissue-paper pom poms hanging from ceiling at Trophy Cupcakes:

(As in, I'm crazy about this place?) Cake stand, Trophy Cupcakes:

Little boy's raincoat #1, Pike Place Market:

Little boy's raincoat #2, Pike Place Market:

Geometrics, Seattle Public Library:

Moonrise over Washington's Mount Rainier (elev. 14,410 feet):

That's all for now. More on wonderful Seattle sights and sounds (and tastes!) tomorrow.

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