Saturday, October 10, 2009

Seattle Flora

Last weekend in Seattle, the weather was perfect. Sunny skies, a light breeze, a slight nip in the air hinting of Fall. Flowers were still in bloom everywhere.

There were crazy-looking dahlias for sale by the bucketload at Pike Place Market near the wharf:

At the Carl English Botanical Gardens, I was stopped in my tracks by this odd ground cover. Its leaves and berries were almost completely black:

Only at the heart of each cluster of leaves could one spy a bit of green:

More dahlias, this one from the botanical gardens:

I spied this lovely rose in an unlikely place:

It was growing all by itself against the control room of the Chittendon Locks!:

The University of Washington campus sported trees that were just beginning to turn into flame colors:

And I can't get enough of this periwinkle-blue flowering bush on the university grounds:

There's an extensive rose garden on the campus, where I snapped these beauties:

Tomorrow, Seattle food!

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