Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Recent Roadside Rescues

Hello, I'm back! I have found a number of intriguing things by the side of the road recently. For instance, this chair. It needs new upholstery and a paint or stain job on the legs, but its shape is classic. Done over, it could fit into a number of different decor schemes.

The chair was gone a day later, so I hope somebody took it to an upholsterer to show it some love.

Next to the red chair was this sweet rocker. Mu Shu is sitting patiently to provide you a sense of scale:

(Good dog, Mu!) The rocker has some worn-out caning along the front of the seat:

But it's solid wood, with good, simple lines. It was also gone a day after I noticed it. I hope it went to a good home.

This sturdy patio furniture was left by the side of the road in another part of the neighborhood. The cushions on the chair and loveseat were too ratty to make the pieces useful. But the all-metal coffee table was in great shape. I dusted it off, and now it's on the back patio where Lovely Daughter #1 lives:

I also found this pretty serving tray by the side of the road:

It's in perfect condition, and it has the sweetest motifs. Goldfinches:

Calligraphy, crowns, and butterflies:


Lovely! It's on its way to Goodwill.

I'm fond of Goldfinches, but I don't need another tray. And I have a flock of these little beauties  outside my window every day:

Finches on a feeder are more fun than finches on a tray.

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