Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Rooftop Wedding

Recently The Hubby and I attended the wedding of a lovely young woman who works at The Hubby's office.

The venue was a beautiful, Art Deco space in downtown Los Angeles. The bride and her groom fashioned a personal, thoughtful ceremony and party that reflected their unique tastes. For instance, there were no bridesmaids nor groomsmen, no veil, and no "giving away" the bride.

I loved her lavendar-enhanced gown, which she and her seamstress designed together:

She lifted up the gossamer overlay so I could admire the beadwork better:

 Here's the back:

The lavender tulle trailed behind her for the ceremony. For the reception, it was hitched up via this little crystal detail:

Here's a better look at the waist:

I'm sorry it's out of focus a bit, but I had to show you the bejeweled clasp in her hairdo. If you're not going to do a veil, this is an appropriately bride-like look:

During the reception, there was a "Champagne fountain," which was fun to watch. (The Champagne was yummy, too! Sometimes I find the bubbly used for toasting is a little disappointing, but this was deeeelish.)

Atmospheric lighting was everywhere. Twinkle lights, candles flickering, a "Gobo" light on the dance floor, and these intriguing little marble-sized lights scattered around the guests' tables:

I tucked one behind my glass of Champagne to take this photo:

"Gobo" lighting is achieved by sliding a stencil in front of the light. When projected, the light casts intriguing patterns on a flat surface:

 There was a DJ for dancing, and a fountain filled the rooftop with its sound, too:

A couple of speeches from best friends provoked smiles and the occasional, good-natured cringe:

"Is it safe to look, yet?," the bride seems to be thinking:

The rooftop had two levels. On the upper level was this attractive conversation pit:

How cute is that sign? A bartender on the upper roof said that people used to come up and take photos of the amazing skyline:

This is the U.S. Bank Tower (which everybody seems to still call by its former name, the Library Tower). At 73 stories, it's currently the tallest building in Los Angeles (another, taller one is under construction):

The skyline is varied and eye-catching. But since the "LOVE" sign was installed half a year ago, the bartender says it's now the thing people love to photograph the most:

So of course The Hubby and I had to give it a try:

Good luck, newlyweds!

New or old, love is wonderful stuff.


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