Monday, August 25, 2014

Malibu Party House

Last weekend The Hubby and I celebrated Summer with the rest of his office. His firm rented a stunning home on the Malibu Coastline for their once-a-year party. The property started atop a cliff and descended all the way down to the sand:

(That's my scary-colored Margarita, melting there in the foreground.)

The property is so steep, there's a thing that looks like a lighthouse...

...but it's really a little tram, ferrying people up and down the cliff:

What a ride!:

The Hubby and I preferred the old-fashioned way of getting to the beach:

Two-thirds of the way down the steps, this is the stunning view looking up the coastline:

Once on the beach, you can see the "lighthouse" among the trees, above the cabanas:

And at night, the place was simply magical.

It was like visiting a slice of Paradise. Not bad for an office party!

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  1. TERRIFIC for an office party! Thanks for sharing :-)



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