Thursday, August 21, 2014

August Polka-Dot Loves

Here's a roundup of polka-dotted things I loved in August. First up, this sweet mom-and-pup combo, with Pupster sporting a large, almost circular polka dot on the side, and possibly another under construction near the eye. Beauty mark, perhaps?:

(Sorry I can't acknowledge the photographer; it came to me without credit, off the Internet.)

Still loving my polka-dotted couch pillow (on the right, below). The fabric is from Calico Corners. It looks like there are little bronze coins equally spaced over the gray background:

I was considering recovering the living-room sofa, which is why there's a fabric swatch in both photos. (Subsequently I decided not to--not yet, anyhow.):

Another adorable Mom-and-Baby polka-dot combo--feline version. This one came to me from a friend, who also doesn't know where it came from. (Sorry, whoever took this.):

Pao Pao on our guest bedroom rug. I'm so besotted with this runner, sometimes I go in the room and just stare at it with a silly grin on my face:

This photo of Mu Shu, in the process of re-arranging the stuffing in another polka-dot pillow I love. I got this one from Pottery Barn:

This pink silk pants-and-camisole set. I would love to have these as jammies. They look comfy, a little sexy, but not tacky. Unfortunately, they cost as much as a small, used car, so....nope:

I did spring for these, however. Vans tennies in a darling pin-dot pattern:

And lastly, this pretty little feather I found on a walk. I love how it's brownish-black on the top:

And more grayish-black on the underside:

Maybe my birding-expert sister can tell me what kind of bird made this beautiful thing?


  1. My guess was a Northern Mockingbird, and when I checked it out in Google Images, I believe that is indeed what it is. It sure is unusual, pretty, and polka-dotted!


  2. LOVE all the polka dotted things…especially the critter dots!



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