Friday, May 2, 2014

Respiration Therapy

My man Mu Shu came down with pneumonia, probably from something he aspirated into his lungs. He had no symptoms other than acting very blue and depressed. So now he's on antibiotics and respiration therapy.

Three times a day, for 15 minutes at a time, I sit with him in our powder room (the smallest room in the house). We hang out together while he breathes in the warm, moist air from a humidifier. The gentle burble seems to fascinated him:

Sometimes he sits on my lap; sometimes he prefers the cat bed I offer him. (Why do my pugs like such small beds?):

In the cozy bed, he often drifts off to sleep. A few days ago, though, he fell asleep this way:

Mu Shu? Honey, are you sure that's comfy for ya?


Sound asleep standing up! At least the little man is getting better.



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