Wednesday, May 7, 2014

(Mostly) Florence Blues

Hello! I am in Tuscany with The Hubby. (Not to brag; just to explain.) Although we are only a few days into our trip, here are some blues I've collected from our stay in Florence, with a side trip to Pisa:

Our little rented Fiat:

Leather purses for sale. This city has lots and lots of beautiful leather goods in the shops:

Bicycles are locked--or not!--and then left leaning along walls all over Florence:

Sunset on the Arno. This couple clambered out onto the point of the Ponte Vecchio for a spectacular view:

I love his blue socks:

The intensely blue sky in Pisa, and the famous Leaning Tower:

Some pretty stone fretwork, from the same church complex as the tower:

Another bike. (Did the owner know how great it would look against that wall?):

Shutters near the Galleria dell' Accademia, where we saw Michaelangelo's wonderful "David," which was totally worth the one-hour wait standing in line:

Gelateria shops often display their paper cups this way, but the cinnamon bundled in aqua satin ribbon is what caught my eye:

 Adorable body language (and bitty blue jeans):

 Design over a doorway of the Medici palace near the Ufizzi:

The Hubby finds a Blue Guy to pose with:

Lovely blue eyes, spied on the giant carousel in the Plaza della Republica:

Portraits hanging in the salon of our hotel:

My first course for dinner last night was Pecorino, honey, and pine nuts on a charming blue-and-white polka-dotted plate. What's not to love about all this?:

Jeweled buttons on a ladies' coat, in a shop window:

More Florence to come, soon!


  1. Ah, we visited those towns 22 years ago (seems more like 100!). You are very brave to drive in Italy!



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