Thursday, May 15, 2014

Italy: Men's Shoes and a Tiny Dog

Hello! Sorry I was away for a bit; I got sick. It took some inter-continental texting, a lenient Italian pharmacist, and a round of antibiotics, but now I'm feeling better.

Sometimes I'm not sure why I photograph the things I do. But it seems that I like Italian shoes.

Italian men's shoes, to be precise. Love the lapis blue of these suede oxfords:

The red laces of the pair on the right caught my eye. So chic!:

I have a feeling The Boy would like a pair of these:

Now, I'd like a pair of these! (the lavender ones--I'm not brave enough to wear a three-color shoe):

I spotted these beauties on a guy in line for tickets. There's a thin stripe of a lighter blue between the tan sole and the dark-blue uppers. And the tan laces? Terrific!:

This little mini-fashion plate was rocking his Topsiders and slouchy scarf with perfect ease:

But this is my favorite pair of shoes, thus far. Red suede shoes, attached to a man in jeans, attached to a red leash, attached to a wire-haired Dachshund puppy:

Be still, my shoe- and dog-loving heart!


  1. Love the shoe perspective -- Fun! (I like the lavender ones also)

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