Friday, April 18, 2014

Roadside Rescue, Turny-Legs Edition

The Fool People Who Throw Out Things By the Side of the Road are at it again. This time, it's this very attractive side table with turned legs and a hexagonal shape:

Aren't those legs just great?

It is made of solid wood, well put together. And the top of the table, while lightly cracked, has these great curves:

On the underside of the tabletop is this logo. I contacted the company that bought Kiel's, and they said they can't tell exactly what year the table was made. But they said the logo tells them it was made before 1930:

"Why do people junk these nice things, Mu Shu? Why?"

I thought I'd just dust it off, then give it to a charity. The table sat in my house for a few days while I waited for a good time to go to Goodwill. You guessed it; I got attached to it. A designer friend of mine dropped by and said it was terrific. That sealed the deal for me.

So, now it's mine. It needs a little cleaning and TLC, but soon it will be a beautiful addition to my home.

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  1. Nice! (Love experiencing your trash-to-treasure finds vicariously)



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