Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quirky, Clever Sodas...And More

I was in my major-chain grocery store, minding my own business, when a bunch of sassy-sounding soda labels suddenly stopped me in my tracks:

"Rat Bastard: It's us against them."

*Snicker* Makes me think of that Austin Powers movie.

Or this one: "This time put it IN your mouth.":

What the what? How did they get these things past the Soda Police?

Oh. There's no Soda Police. But there's some clever stuff going on. How about Lenin Soda: "Worth standing in line for."

Also: "Get hammered and sickled." And up at the top, sort of cut off, there's "Join the party!" That's clever.

Some sodas aren't so naughty, but sure look intriguing, like this Jamaican-style ginger beer. From Boston. Why Boston?:

Why not?, I guess. Or this one, which looks like a jar of old-fashioned blackstrap molasses:

I would SO have a party, built around these sodas alone. There'd be a big tin tub of ice, and all these crazy sodas, and build-your-own fish and veggie tacos, and chips and salsa and...


The Toblerone people have outdone themselves. Now they have one of their delicious bars with salted caramelized almonds?

That's dessert, right there.

So, who wants to come over for a soda-tasting/taco-building/choco-snarfing party to celebrate Spring?



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