Thursday, April 17, 2014

Junk, Treasures, and Finds

Recently I visited a terrific shop in the pokey, seaside town of Oxnard, CA. "Anna's Antiques" is part antique store, part junk shop, part salvage yard, and part magical restoration palace. Anna and her husband, Steve, do wonderful things with broken-down, tired, and worn-out furniture. They don't have a website; hence I have no link for them.

I was there to get a couple of occasional tables, a dining-room table, and eight beloved chairs re-glued, reupholstered, and refinished for their fourth or fifth act. The two occasional tables and the eight chairs have been in my family for decades, and I was thrilled to find a place that would restore them to their former lovely state.

Anna's and Steve's shop is a crazy wonderland of treasures. Carefully picking my way through the overstuffed grounds, I encountered some great sights. Enjoy!:

P.S. I fell in love with something in one of these photos and ended up buying it. Care to guess what it was?


  1. Juli, the secretary is VERY similar to Mom's that I have--same geometrical pattern of glass/wood, same curved top, etc. Do you know anything about the one in the picture? And I'd bet good money you bought the blue glass ball jar.


  2. Yes, it is very similar to our mom's, but no, I didn't ask anything about it. The blue glass Ball jar is a very good guess, but nope! That's not it.

  3. Hee hee! Nope. Good guess, though. It is pretty cute. I'll reveal the answer soon.

  4. How is it at all possible that you did NOT buy the blue Ball jar?

  5. I thought it might be the table, but was also sure you couldn’t pass up the blue Ball Jar.



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