Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Favorite New Sandwich

I have a new sandwich I'm crushing on. Yes, it's just a grilled cheese sandwich, but it's taken up a notch or two:

It starts with my friend's homemade, crusty peasant bread, and then I add smoked English cheddar, Crosse & Blackwell's Major Grey's Chutneyand Durkee's Famous Sauce (a mustard-y kind of spread).

I spread a little butter spread on the outside, then cook the sandwich to melty-cheese perfection on a cast-iron skillet--which is unmatched in giving foods a crispy, golden outside:

My friend's delicious--and gorgeous-looking!--bread is made of only five ingredients: flour, yeast, water, salt, and a little wheat bran or cornmeal for a decorative exterior. It looks like it was baked in a clay pot in a wood-burning oven in Northern Italy. Nope. Just a preheated casserole dish with a lid.

And--extra bonus--it requires no kneading! Here's a link to the recipe. This bread may change my life.

It certainly has changed my sandwich.

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