Saturday, December 15, 2012

More Silver Beauties

I've been cleaning out my "In" box today. I found more images of Silver Beauties torn from popular magazines in the last couple of years. This one is from the February 2011 issue of More magazine:

I love her glasses, her lip color, her slightly kooky top, and her casual, upswept hairdo.

This editorial (as opposed to advertising) image is from the May 2011 issue of Sunset magazine. I especially like it because my family and I vacation every year on the shores of Fallen Leaf Lake. It's a little gem in the High Sierra. And doesn't this gal looks awesome?:

This is from an Eileen Fisher ad that ran in several magazines. I think I found it in Real Simple:

I want that sweater. And her hair! This one, below, is another Eileen Fisher ad that ran in Real Simple. (Thank you, Eileen Fisher, for featuring beautiful gals who don't all look 21 years old!):

A beautiful shirt, a beautiful model, and a beautifully lit shot. These last two shots are from either Real Simple or O, The Oprah Magazine. I'm sorry I can't recall which. I believe they accompanied an article about couples:

Such lovely shots.

Almost gives me hope that, as Baby Boomers age, we'll see even more Silver Beauties in advertising and editorial content.

That would be a beautiful thing.

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