Saturday, December 29, 2012

Boxes of Yum

I was at Target recently looking for a pet gate to keep the pugs out of the kitchen. No luck. But I stumbled upon two adorable glass storage boxes:

What a find! I've been looking for a non-plastic food storage box for a while. (SO sick of buying plastic, which is bad for the environment.) I wanted a box that's not too big, not too little, is easy to stack in the fridge, and doesn't have a complicated lid with annoying snaps or locks all over the place.

Hello, cutie. If there were four more, I would have bought them. But these were the last two.

They will be the perfect way to store cut-up raw veggies in my fridge:

The contents are easy to see (and therefore more likely to promote healthy snacking on my part):

The boxes are small enough that I can stack them on top of each other on the smallest, top shelf of the fridge.  

And having pre-cut veggies at eye level means that, if I'm going to indulge in a grilled-cheese sandwich for lunch, at least I have some healthy sides:

Yum, indeed.

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