Saturday, June 2, 2012

Roadside Rescues (Dog Edition)

On my way to the gym last Friday morning, I passed a huge dog kennel sitting by the side of the road, apparently abandoned. A few hours later, it was still there, so I loaded it into the back of my car, and Won Ton and I drove it to our local city animal shelter:

This is one of six shelters in Los Angeles devoted to animal services. I love that one of the critters in the oversize banner draping the building is a fawn pug:

(Note the all-pink nails; so much easier to trim than dark ones!):

The shelter's workers were very happy to take the kennel off our hands. That's J, in front, who often helps out at the park where I volunteer for the dog and cat adoptions:

Did I ever show you the gorgeous tee-shirt we have to wear as volunteers? Heh. Not so lovely:

 But I love the slogan on the back of the tees:

Speaking of happiness, this cute little girl pug mix, Perdita, recently landed in the capable hands of Pug Nation Rescue of  Los Angeles. It's not entirely clear what she's made of, but people are guessing Pug/Japanese Chin or Pug/Boston Terrier:

Whatever she is, how adorable is she? Wonky eyes, floppy tongue, and...Godalmighty...POLKA DOTS!!! She has polka-dotted fur! Ha ha haaa!

Won Ton and I are still laughing about that.


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