Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Pug Tea Party

When I was a little girl, I played Tea Party a lot. My dolls and stuffed toys joined me at a little table, and I broke out the Good Stuff--a.k.a. the toy tea set--and we all had fun eating imaginary cookies and drinking imaginary tea.

I still play Tea Party, of course, but now it's with family and friends. The Good Stuff is sterling spoons, vintage linens, and teacups and teapots of bone china.

Mu Shu: Bone china? Did somebody say BONE china? I'm IN!!!!!

A while back, my Lovely Biggest Sister (as opposed to my Lovely Big Sister) sent the pugs some adorable cookies.

And I thought it would be fun to serve them up, Tea Party style.

 Won Ton: Cookies? Now, please!

I got all the Good Stuff out, sat each of the three pugs on a chair, and made them wait while I snapped shots. Their anxiousness over being THISCLOSE to a cookie meant I had to work really fast. Thus, the out-of-focus pictures.

 Me: Wait for it, waiiiiiiiiit.........

Lots of whimpering and fidgeting ensued as I tried to get off a few good shots. Behind me, The Boy warned, "MOM! This is a Very Bad Idea!" (You can just see his warmups with his favorite number on them, below.)

Teacups and teapots were in danger for their lives. Pugs were about to climb on tables. So after three or four seconds, I relented and gave the command. "OKAY!"

The cookies were gobbled down in a flash.

And they didn't even TRY the tea!


  1. So cute! I'm very impressed with the ability to wait even a few seconds. Neither Kobi nor Kasi would be able to do that. (BTW, 23 was Shauna's fav # for her sports as well.)


  2. Unbelievably cute, my clever/creative/courageous sister! I'm going to share this with my animal rescue friend who makes these delish doggie delights ("Mona's Munchies" -- named after Mona, her Jack Russell Terrier); I'll bet she's never seen them served ala china/silver/linen before (but, then, she's not had the pleasure of meeting YOU and your most distinguished over-the-top cute Pug pups!)

  3. Oh, that was just too precious! Frightening how much fun you can have hosting a dog party :) And it's 100% appreciated! Hope you got some tea and biscuits too!



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