Monday, February 27, 2012

Dogs and Shoes: Separated at Birth?

 A few days back, one of the bloggers I follow pointed out that Golden Retrievers...

Photo: rkleine

...are the perfect dog to accompany you when you're wearing Uggs:

Photo: Wanja Krah

Totally makes sense! Both are comfy, toasty, cozy, kinda big, and a little doofy-looking.

That got me to thinking about other dog-and-shoe pairings. I realized that Doberman Pinschers...

Photo: Xtraradio

...have always reminded me of scary, high-heeled black boots:

Photo: Markusram

And that Pomeranians...

Photo:  Miss Tessmacher

...are like those fluffy boudoir slippers, come to life:

Photo: Matuko Amini

With just a little reflection it was clear that black Labs...

Photo: A30 Tsitika

...are black motorcycle boots:

Photo: deejayqueue

But they're very friendly motorcycle boots. And Yorkies?

Photo: wsilver

Mary Janes. But be careful: the dogs--and maybe these shoes--are little nippers!

Photo: angeliathatsme

Beagles and Boxers both...

Photo: B, K, & G
Photo: serenityphotographyltd

...remind me of penny loafers. Classic, friendly, easy, all-American shoes. Uh, dogs. No, shoes.

Photo: kudumomo

I'm not certain about bulldogs. If they look more American...

Photo: audrey sei

...then they are totally men's workboots.

Photo: postbear

But if they look more British (don't ask me how they differ, they just do!), then they remind me of men's Oxfords:

Photo: jaimielondonboy

While Italian Greyhounds...

Photo: superfluity

...are pointe shoes.

Photo: poka0059

Dainty, elegant, beautiful. So, what breed do you think ridiculously sexy colored high heels are?

Photo: Aviv

Poodles, of course! The foo-foo, chi-chi type of poodle:

Photo: Llima
Photo: Joseph Robertson

While your typical, average mutt....

Photo: Nic & the Tailless Ones the favorite, beat-up pair of sneaks you'll never part with: 

Photo: agroffman

Hiking boots....

Photo: funkomavintage

...are one of those breeds of big, reliable mountain dogs, like Bernese and St. Bernard. Dependable, sturdy things you can count on in rough terrain. The kind that's got your back if you're lost on a mountainside. 

Photo: svadilfari

And what, you might ask, do I think my silly, ridiculous, adorable pugs are?

Baby shoes! Two-tone baby saddle shoes, to be precise.

Photo: jmelda

Thanks for asking.

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