Friday, December 10, 2010

Pugs on Stamps!

A few days ago, our household received the most wonderful holiday gift--customized postage stamps from Zazzle!

My Lovely Eldest Sister (a.k.a. L.E.S.) and her Handsome Hubby showered us with a plethora of different images on the stamps. And they all have pugs on them.

Most. Excellent. Present. Ever!

When I thanked her by phone, L.E.S. said Zazzle's website has kajillions of stamps, already made up by somebody, which anybody can buy. Or you can design your own and have them made.

Imagine how much fun that would be: Your family pet, or the bar mitzvah boy, or you and your sorority friends could be stamps!

My L.E.S. sent us stamps with straightforward images of pugs, like this one:

But that's just the start. There were stamps with pugs inserted into famous works of art:

Whistler's Pug: Love it!

Pre-Raphaelite Pug!

Pug on a Windy Hill! And yet more Pre-Raphaelite pugs:

I dub thee "Sir Pugs-a-Lot":


So, some of the stamps feature pugs inserted into famous works of art. This image features a work of art inserted into a convertible:

Zazzle is a huge website, with thousands of images available to plaster on hundreds of things, from calendars to aprons to coffee mugs.

Go check it out: These stamps could even make paying bills a hoot!

Well, almost.

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  1. SO glad you all liked the pugger postage -- they had your names on them and you simply HAD to have them! xoxo



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