Friday, December 24, 2010

Mushrooms for Lunch

After a week of incessant rain here in Los Angeles, the pouring stopped and a rainbow appeared:

And so did the mushrooms:

Beeeeg piles of mushrooms:

They are sorta lovely:

In a creepy kind of way:

This kind smells like the elephant exhibit at the zoo. Whew!

But they sure are pretty:

Oh, look! Here's another, totally different type of mushroom that's popped up:

You know the only thing that's scarier than a bunch of mushrooms in a yard that has a puppy?

HALF a bunch of mushrooms!:

Oh, sh**! Pao has eaten approximately two cups' worth of mushroom caps, here:

Okay, Denizens of the Dark: It's WAR! Y'all are goin' DOWN! I don't care how much you remind me of fairy tales, forests primeval, and various dancing vegetables in certain Disney films:

I'm AFTER ya! Don't you be eyeballin' me from behind that fence!

(At this point, half an hour of furious digging ensued.)

I dug up every mushroom I could find and dumped them in my city-issued compost bin:

I also dug up a couple of really cool-looking rocks:

At the end, the city can was stuffed with mushrooms:

And so was the puppy.

I called the vet to ask about the signs of poisoning. She said to watch out for vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, or balance problems:

So far, all he's exhibiting is signs of Excessive Contriteness and Cuteness.


  1. Oh, boy...The pups were the first thing I thought of when I saw the mushrooms --Poor Pao, I hope he's still okay.

  2. Pao was rather spectacularly sick four or five times. Just when we thought that perhaps we should take him to the vet, he suddenly got back the twinkle in his eye, hopped up and ran around, and had a healthy appetite by dinnertime!



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