Saturday, April 10, 2010


The tree trimmers were here last week, and they presented me with this, which was perched high up in our Japanese maple:

It's a nest, clearly, but what animal made it? The outermost twigs are quite long and stout:

The innermost parts are lined with some very fine sort of grass or fiber, but nary a feather nor a bit of fur in sight. Not a very soft or cozy interior! What sort of baby animal would be cosseted by such a scratchy bed?:

Here's another view of the outer twigs:

Don't be fooled by the lavender blossoms. Those just fell off the wisteria vines, directly above the nest as it rested on my patio table:

Although, if I were a nest-building animal, I would no doubt festoon my digs with lavender petals.

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  1. Is there a Wild Bird Center franchise store near you...or ANY similiar type wild bird store selling seed, etc? OR check in with a wildlife rescue place, if you have one nearby. Any of these resources would probably know what kind of a nest it is (even if its not a bird's). A good friend of mine owns a Los Gatos store like I mentioned, and she might know. I'll show your pictures and ask her.....Unless you've already found out? xoxo



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