Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Desktop Muse, the Pug

When I'm sitting at my desk working on my computer, I do a lot of staring into space. While searching for the perfect word, I need something nice to stare at. So I've encrusted my bulletin board with stuff: Scraps of pretty ribbon. Cutouts from decorating magazines. Quotable quotes. Bits of china, wire, dried flowers, teeny pearl buttons. Even a vintage baby's dress:

On my desktop, there's yet more stuff. Books of quotes. Cloth-bound journals. A ceramic pot, thrown and glazed by my cousin-in-law, filled with pens and markers. A beautiful blue tea tin stuffed with colored pencils:

There is usually a bouquet of flowers, too:

Everything on my bulletin board and desk is pretty. Appealing. Easy to love.

And then, there's this guy:

A bug-eyed monster! But oh, man, how I love this guy. He makes me smile every time I glance at him.

Because, of course, he's a pug.

Not only is he a pug, but he's sterling silver.

And antique.

And a sterling silver, antique, bug-eyed pug pretty much clinches it for me.

Gaa! Look at those freckles! Those tiny teeth! The overenthusiastic tongue!

I first saw this cutie at my local silversmith's shop. He was in a display case with lots of more appealing articles--napkin rings made to look like dancing bears, and sugar bowls fashioned like tiny wagons with wheels that rolled.

None of them could compare to this compelling beastie. Just look at the fur and wrinkle details on his head!:

In his right paw he clutches a spoon...

and in his left paw he has a fork. Why? Because pugs are notorious eaters, that's why! And in the background of the photo below, you can see how the napkin tied 'round his neck spills onto the tabletop to form a tray:

He's a Victorian silver pen-and-ink stand. His head hinges back to reveal an ink well:

Here's the view looking into the flopped-back head. Eek! Evil pug twin with glowing eyes!

Ah, that's better. Here's a cute view of the back of his head, and the napkin tied in a bow:

Good puggie! Now, please, inspire me to write something. Because now I'm just back to staring.


  1. where did you get this? its my sisters wedding and she loves pugs (has two)

  2. This is an antique pen-and-ink stand from a local silversmith. My guess is that, if you want something similar, you might need to do some poking around Google and typing in "sterling" and "pug" and "antique" to see what you get. Or, if you have an antique shop in your area, you could ask them if they have any suggestions on how to find such a thing. Good luck in your search!



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