Friday, January 8, 2010

Ice in My Garden

Today is January 8, 2010. Other parts of the country are reeling from snowstorms and generally awful weather.

This post is not to lord it over anybody else. I don't want to revel in another's misery.

I just want to acknowledge what a wonderful thing "White Iceberg" roses are:

They're common as dirt around these parts, but that doesn't make them any less wonderful.

On this day in my neighborhood, many other roses have given up for the year, their leaves all turned yellow and their last blossom but a memory.

But these puppies keep chugging along.

Look at this lineup!:

I love the way that Iceberg buds start out a definite, girly pink...

...then, as they open up, fade to a beautiful blush...

...and finally mature to perfect white:

They're even pretty when they're a little overblown:

God bless 'em, Icebergs. Here in L.A., they're the closest thing to snow and ice we'll ever get.

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