Thursday, January 28, 2010

China Lust

I'm a sucker for china. I'm a big sucker for white china.

I'm a pushover for cute, little things. And nifty cooking implements.

And stuff that's handy but inexpensive.

And French. (Even vaguely French.)

It's well known that I will commit all sorts of atrocities for dessert.

So, when I found these teensy little ramekins in my grocery store--the grocery store, people!--that were inexpensive, and white china, and hinted of France,

and made me think of tiny little desserts that could be served in them (just right for mini Creme Brulees! two-bite souffles! tiny Pots de Chocolat!),


It was all over.

I bought eight.

Now I just have to find smaller spoons.

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