Monday, June 1, 2015

Pugs in TV Commercials

A neighbor of mine thought maybe I was in a recent T.J. Maxx television commercial. There were three pugs in it, after all:

Nope. Not me. (Cute leashes and halters, btw.) The gal did have silver hair, but hers is a lot more silvery than mine:

I took some screen shots of the commercial from YouTube. Check out that adorable interior they created for the shoot:

There's framed pug art on the wall:

And pug statuary on each of the end tables:

There's even a pug coffee cup in her hand, and a book featuring a dog on the coffee table. I think my favorite, subtle bit of adorableness is her shoes:

She's wearing a classic ballerina flat in tan, with black toe caps. In other words, her shoes look like pugs!

Want to see more pugs in TV ads? A number of years ago, Vodaphone (a telecommunication company) featured a series of TV commercials in India with the tag line, "Happy to Help." The ads had pugs doing adorable, helpful things. It was one of my favorite TV ad campaigns ever.



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