Monday, June 15, 2015

Polka-Dot Critters

I'm always amused by polka-dotted animals. Here are a few that caught my eye lately. First up, "Roxie," my sister's rescued Greyhound. I took these photos a while back, but every time I run across them in my iPhoto files, they make me chuckle:

This odd little guy is a "Quoll," an endangered species indigenous to Australia, New Guinea, and Tasmania. I saw (spotted?) him on Cute Overload:

photo credit: @WildlifeQLD

Sporting one gigantic polka-dot on her face (and a whole lot of them in her left ear), this baby Frenchie was trucking' through our neighborhood recently. Isn't she cute?:

Okay, so it's the blankie that's polka-dotted, not the cat (below). This is "Olivia," the cat who belongs to Lovely Daughter #1. A friend of my daughter's Photoshopped in the war paint: 

Olivia, her polka-dotted blankie, and LD#1 are leaving for NYC in a few days. If they see any cute spotted animals in Manhattan, I hope they send me a picture.



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