Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Month of Mu Shu

Reviewing the photos I took during the month of May, I realized I had a lot of photos of Mu Shu.

Like any human mother of three dogs, I'll proclaim that I love all of mine equally. But still, I can't deny that I take a lot more snaps of Mu than the other two.

Is it because of that sad-clown face of his?

Or could it be, that being such a Momma's Boy, he's always at my feet, and therefore I see him being cute the most? For whatever reason, he is my pinup for the month of May.

Here he is, chillin' at the local Starbucks:

Doing his part to end the drought in California:

Hoping for the caterers to drop something:

Enjoying his girls, who were both home for a brief weekend:

 Mu often takes naps standing up. Or, in this case, standing up while straddling a pair of legs:

Missing Lovely Daughter #2,  hoping she's still in her bed behind the door. (She isn't; she had to fly home to Boston.):

 Keeping me company in my closet:

Mu Shu doesn't like it when I bring out the suitcase because he knows it means I'm going away. He either climbs in:

...or he hides in my hanging clothes, pouting:

 Inspecting the perimeter for intruders:

Demonstrating the Downward-Napping Dog:

 Visiting the local elementary school, which has barnyard animals:

Doing the Classic Pug Slump:

"I can haz tea, pleeze?"

Posing prettily on a pouf I found by the side of the road:

Although, being a Bear of Very Little Brain, he couldn't figure out how to jump off.

Brainless or no, Mu Shu, we love you.

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  1. LOVE this -- and what’s not to love!…This little guy is adorable, photogenic, precious, lovable…and did I mention aDORable?!? Kisses to Mu Shu! xo



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