Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Finds

 Over the weekend, I purchased some beautiful second-hand kitchen towels.

(All they need is a wash in very hot water to be perfectly okay to use.)

Two of them came from a favorite local shop that carries vintage items. The shop owner (a neighbor of mine) says they are French. Bigger than an ordinary kitchen towel, with a heavy, crisp feel to them, they are probably pure linen, although there are no identifying tags on them:

The top and bottom of each towel is hemmed, and the side edges have a wonderful selvage:

They weren't cheap, exactly, but they are beautiful quality. The next three towels were very inexpensive. I picked them up at a yard sale for $1 each:

They're French, too:

They're a linen-cotton blend:

Although they're not vintage, they sport vintage motifs:

Adding the price of the towels all together and dividing by five, I get a very nice price I can live with:

And they are so sturdy, I'll be able to enjoy them for years to come:

Sometimes you have to look at the big picture when you make a purchase:

Quality, durability, and beauty at a good overall price? Works for me!

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