Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"Star Wars" and Doggles for Pugs

A few weeks ago, Won Ton and I were in PetCo (his Happy Place). They were selling "Star Wars" paraphernalia for pets, and I couldn't stop laughing when I put these "Princess Leia" buns on him:

I didn't buy them, because I couldn't justify why my pugs needed them. But I sent the above photo to my family, and after they all laughed their backsides off, they encouraged me to go back and get the bun headband. So I did.

And I also got the Yoda Ears, which Won Ton is modeling:

And of course I had to try the Leia buns on everybody, so here's Mu Shu wearing them:

And Pao Pao in Yoda ears, looking quite stricken, I'm afraid:

And then, just to completely be idiotic, I bought a pair of Doggles for them to share. Why did I get Doggles?, LD#2 asked me via text. Well, because they're good on windy days when the grit is blowing around and the pugs' sensitive eyes need protection on walks. That's about 2% why.

The other 98% is because it makes me laugh!

[Pet lovers: please don't be upset. I'm not humiliating my animals. I put these items on the dogs briefly, praise them profusely, tell them how handsome they look, and then whisk the items off and praise the dogs again while offering a treat. 

Then I go outside and laugh my a** off.]



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