Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Roundup of the Week's Cuteness

For the past week and a half, I had jury duty, so I was away from the pugs all day long. Two of them went to day care, which they love. But Pao was recovering from Bordatella, a.k.a. "Kennel Cough." He couldn't be around other dogs, because they might catch it. Instead, he spent several days at the home of Lovely Daughter #1. Her kitten, Olivia, wasn't sure about the arrangement.

Neither was Pao:

Especially when she took advantage of her position in her kitty tower to smack him upside the head:

Ultimately, Olivia vacated the tower, and Pao took her place. Revenge is sweet:

Also this week, LD#1 went to a fundraiser to find homes for kittens that were born in the wild, then scooped up and neutered/spayed by a cat rescue group. Here's one of the cuties available for adoption:

Oh, that face!:

When LD#1 wasn't cuddling kittens or studying for her next med-school exam, she took selfies with Pao:

And they hung out in local, dog-friendly coffee shops. (In California, dogs are allowed on restaurant patios):

After a long, fun day at the day care center, Mu Shu showed me once again how happy he is that we built a window seat in the dining room:

And I got an email containing this adorable photo of a Chihuahua meetup in Central Park. This is a very special group of Chi's: All of them are from L.A. They were plucked from the city's animal shelter and airlifted to the arms of loving adopters in the New York City area. They are alive and thriving today, thanks to a wonderful nonprofit called "Project Flying Chihuahuas":

Just in case you thought this entire post would be about critters, here's a photo of the ultimate booklovers' cupcakes. They are made by a British baker/artist (here's her website). If you are lucky enough to live in the U.K., you can mail-order these teeny literary toppers:

Adorable! (And I bet they're delicious, too.)

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