Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What's New Around Here

Hello! Here's what's been happening lately in my life. Mu Shu donned a superhero cape (my apron) and sorta did a half-wink in the sunshine:

I saw this impromptu memorial to Nelson Mandela painted on a utility box a few days after he died:

We had a rainy day and Mu Shu, for the first time ever, agreed to wear a raincoat on his walk. In the past, he'd just sit down and refuse to go out if I put a coat on him:

The kitten (who still has no name) struck a very pretty pose in front of our leaded-glass window:

And looked adorable as she fell asleep with her claw still hooked into a suspended toy:

The Hubby and I went to his office's holiday party and got all dolled up:

The theme of the party was "artistic." There were very clever touches, like the artist who took a digital photo of us, then give it an artistic twist on a huge electric screen, รก la Banksy or or Andy Warhol or Jackson Pollack. Here's our portrait, getting a graffiti-artist treatment before he prints out a souveneir copy for us:

But my favorite "artistic" thing was this, below. Using the official photo of the firm's partners as a jumping-off point, a very clever artist turned the ID photos into famous works of art. The Hubby got reinvented as an 1889 Van Gogh self-portrait (the one he painted after hacking off part of his ear):

Hysterical! The mashup was done on a computer, the data printed out on canvas, then mounted on inexpensive foam core, and fitted in a junk-shop frame. And we get to take it home.

Best. Party. Favor. Ever!

Have a lovely, colorful, artistic day, my friends!



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