Sunday, December 22, 2013

December Roundup

I've had a lovely December so far, and I hope you have, too! This month, The Hubby and I attended his firm's gorgeous holiday party:

We joined Lovely Daughter #1 at a benefit honoring a young friend of ours:

The skies over LA showed off their finest blues and whites after a cleansing rain:

My dear book club friends and I celebrated by exchanging "white elephant" gifts and wearing red. Over drinks, we got all sentimental realizing that, in nine years, we've grown from a bunch of acquaintances to the very dearest of friends:

 My family and I sat around watching Adventure Kitty strike stupidly cute poses:

I attended an old-school, swanky Christmas lunch with The Hubby at an old-school, swanky private club downtown. It was a gathering of retired partners from his prior firm, and it was lovely to see some old familiar faces:

I worked two pet adoptions at the park for our city's pound animals. I met this adorable chihuahua mix with a perfect silver-dollar-sized polka dot on his back:

And I fell in love with this pink-nosed cutie. Luckily, both dogs were swept up by a private adoption group. With their adorable looks, these pups may have fur-ever homes by Christmas!

My writing workshop gathered, not for a work session, but for a festive lunch!

Lovely Daughter #1, her Med School Bestie, and I celebrated the fact that they are on winter break from school with brunch at a favorite eatery:

The Boy came home from college and promptly fell in love with Adventure Kitty. Here he is trying to coax her out of her cage with a little wet cat food on his finger:

Nice to meet ya!

And Mother Nature showed off a little after a light rain:

Still to come for me: more presents to wrap, cookies to bake, and relatives to visit.

Whatever you do, be kind to yourselves. And wherever you travel, may your days be merry and bright!

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