Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy Birthday #4, Pao Pao!

Our youngest dog, Pao Pao, is four years old today.

We've known him since right after he was born into a private rescue. When he was just a few days old, we visited him and his siblings and mama:

At those first meetings, he showed signs of how much he loved being  held upside down, especially by The Boy:

As soon as Pao joined our family, he looked up to his older brothers to show him the ropes and tell him what's what:

 Even if he was being a bit of a brat:

Very wall-eyed as a baby, Pao slowly developed more muscle control over his eyes. As they straightened up, he grew into his good looks:

 Of our three pugs, Pao is the most agreeable to wearing silly costumes for the camera:

And he is our only pug brave enough to swim in the pool:

 We can't imagine our lives without this love bug:

Happy Birthday, Pao!

You make us laugh, every day.



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