Friday, November 1, 2013

"Sunset" Magazine's Mushroom & Fresh Herb Lasagna

I'm in love with lasagna, all over again. Sunset magazine published a recipe in its October 2013 issue for a luscious, no-meat version that uses beefy Portabella and Shitake mushrooms, folded in a lavish B├ęchamel sauce studded with fresh herbs and leeks. It takes a while to cook all the ingredients and assemble it, but...

Yum! Totally worth the time! I made it over last weekend just for The Hubby and me, but this dish is so elegant and rich, it would be great for a party or special occasion.

I suggest serving it with a green salad or simple vegetables, a crust of bread, and a crisp white wine.

You can click to get the recipe, here.

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