Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Dont. Want."

As I was walking the dogs a few days ago, I spied a brown-paper grocery bag by the side of the road, not near anybody's house. On it was scrawled in large, black letters "Dont. Want."

The punctuation may be iffy, but the message was clear enough. Inside the bag lay a jumble of glass and china items:

The foundlings included two mismatched wine glasses:

A nice-sized Pyrex casserole dish:

Some mismatched little saucers:

And an equally mismatched collection of espresso cups:

Including these three. The photo makes them look like big coffee mugs, but they're actually petite: 

Also there was one full-size coffee mug in English bone china:

I took them all home to give them a wash and pack them off to Goodwill.

As I walked home, I wondered: Is my neighborhood overrun with lazy people who can't be bothered to taking their castoffs to charity?

Or has my neighborhood figured out I'm the crazy chick who will take care of their household orphans for them?



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