Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Barcelona Blues

(Note: There are some annoying little logos in this piece I couldn't get out. I tried and tried, but I gave up. I figured you'd rather see some sort of a post than nothing. Sorry!--Juli)

While in Spain, I took so many photos of my favorite color--blue--that I will break them up a bit so I don't overwhelm you. These are all photos from Barcelona, one of my favorite Spanish cities. 

Many buildings feature beautifully colored tiles, inside and/or out. I love this combination of painted periwinkle-blue French doors below cobalt-and-white tiles set into an older building's facade:

These stained-glass windows are in the cathedral that is Antoni Gaudi's masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia:

Cut-crystal tumblers from Poland. I was so smitten with them, but they were waaaaay too pricey:

The sky above the rooftops of La Pedrera ('The Quarry"), an apartment building complex also designed by Gaudi:

Chic clothes for sale in the Corte Inglés ("English Cut," or "Tailor's Cut"):

Delicate blues outside a bakery:

Periwinkle and cobalt combine in a local shopfront:

These beautiful little sisters were transfixed by two street performers dancing a tango:

Gaudi's wildly creative Parc Güell is a riot of broken tile and crazy surfaces:

A leatherworker's shop directly across the narrow alley from our place:

A delicately colored panel above the entrance to an old building:

Well-dressed gentlemen of a certain age never fail to enchant me:

A bakery specializing in wedding-cake design:

And a mockup of one of their creations:

This mural near our digs featured a full-sized armchair affixed to the wall above head level:

And lastly, a well-heeled pooch waiting for his owner, who's just inside the door having a drink at a bar:

Tomorrow, the dogs in Spain!


  1. Beautiful photos -- love the blues! What a lovely, unique way to share Barcelona with us! The dog in the polo shirt was icing on the cake -- that's a first for me -- T-shirts, yes, but never polos :-)

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