Friday, October 25, 2013

A White Chair

Lovely Daughter #2 had this chair. I think she might've "inherited" it from her boyfriend.

But then she went to grad school and left the chair behind. Various housemates used it, until it ended up in her sister's garage.

Today, I liberated it, brought it home to my house, and cleaned it up. It looks great with a pug plonked in it:

Something about the clean, white lines and the rounded edges really sets off the looks of the dogs:

I'm smitten with this chair.

It may have to stay at my house for a while.

At least until I fully investigate all the ways it's good for showing off pugs.

It has this delicious honeycomb surface, which you can see when you move in close:

Those curves! I love how they hug the pugs.

Hey, Won Ton, when did you get white whiskers?

That's okay, buddy; now you match the chair.


  1. Very nice go-anywhere chair -- unique, and VERY pug-plunkable! (Love how your pugs want to be in the middle of whatever you're doing -- and how they add so much character and interest to your already-terrific blog!)

  2. P.S. Those pug head tilts just melt my heart!!



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