Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Saving Angel

"And if you ever hear of a dog like that, let me know!," she said, as we bid goodbye.

I'd just been told by a friend that her sister was looking for a dog. A very particular sort of dog. It had to be blonde, and young-but-not-a-puppy, and really sweet, and half-Labrador, half-Pit Bull.

Too picky, you think? Not in Los Angeles, where Pits and Pit Mixes crowd the animal shelters with heartbreaking regularity.

So I put the word out to my fellow dog rescuers, and they promptly came back with four or five candidates. This is the lucky girl who won the Lottery that day:

photo courtesy of Best Friends L.A.

This is "Angie," a two- or three-year-old Pit Mix. She is Love and Adorableness, personified. Even wearing stupid monkey ears and a pink, fluffy tutu collar around her neck doesn't phaze this cutie!

photo courtesy of Best Friends L.A.

One week later, she is snoozing in the sun as her new Mom takes her photo. There will be mishaps (and accidents on the floor) along the way, but Angie--now "Angel,"--has a new family, at least one doting auntie, and a bunch of fans who met her on her journey to her new home.

photo courtesy of Angel's mom

This is the first time I've been involved in a dog rescue, from the initial "I'm looking for..." all the way through to "Here she is at home!"

photo courtesy of S. Brewer

What a thrill!

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