Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pugs and Polka Dots

Two trends I've noticed in October and November magazines: pugs and polka dots. I approve! The first three images are from the November issue of "O, The Oprah Magazine." Where we have a pug in a tiara:

A cardigan with polka dots. Ohh, yes. Sign me up.

Ever tried walking four pugs at a time? I've done three, and it's pure mayhem. I can guarantee you, this model didn't do it for long, or she wouldn't still be smiling:

The November issue of "Real Simple" magazine:

Diane Keaton on the cover of "Ladies' Home Journal" looks awesome in polka-dot leggings. Not my style, but I'd love those flats.:

The October issue of "Architectural Digest" features the inimitable designer Valentino, owner of multiple pugs. Like, five or six at a time. Of course, he has staff to help take care of them!:

His style is a little over-the-top for my taste (even if I could afford it!):

But Oooh! that red table:

I could love me a table like that. On a more affordable note, HGTV magazine offered up this wonderful doormat:

And what shoes to wear as you are wiping your feet on said doormat?

Kate Spade polka-dot stilettos, of course!

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  1. Ha! Pugs and polka dots --couldn't be better! :-D



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