Friday, October 21, 2011

Pretty Packaging, Re-Purposed

A few days back, I signed up for a charge card at Anthropologie. (I don't really like having store-specific charge cards, but it came with some nice perks.) The card came in this cute little cloth bag:

It's really darling, and I wanted to keep it. But for what?

Aha! A jewelry bag, so when I toss a few pieces in the luggage, they don't rub around on each other and pick up scratches:

Then yesterday, I was at Target and bought these Simply Shabby Chic linens:

The sheets were packaged in this beautiful pouch with pretty trim and buttons:

Again, the packaging was so attractive I immediately thought, "What can I use this for?"

My first idea was it could easily be a lingerie bag. (Don't you hate it when you're the person TSA picks to riffle through your luggage, and all your neat piles get pushed around as they decide that you, after all, might not be a terrorist?) Anyhow, lingerie bag!:

The only modification I'd make is to move the buttons further down the bag, so there isn't this gap through which small bits of clothing might fall:

Moving the buttons would make the bag close like this:

My second thought was this bag is perfect for holding two or three sweaters:

Again, this keeps your knits from sliding around inside your luggage. Or you can just tuck the buttoned-down bag on a closet shelf to protect your knits from dust:

I love when packaging doesn't include any plastic or non-recyclable material.

And packaging this pretty is easy to recycle!

What packaging have you re-used because it was just too attractive to throw away?

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