Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pot Feet

A few months back, a discount home-and-garden store in my neighborhood went out of business, and I scored six of these big, beautiful pots at 70% off:

Last weekend, at my local pottery shop, these little babies were on sale for 50 cents each:

They look a little like a blue-glazed version of those giant faces on Easter Island:

See the resemblance?
photo: edd.ie

But of course, they're not anything monolithic or world-famous. They're just pot feet:

They're designed to elevate pots off the ground, like this:

Moving pots just a half-inch up off the ground improves their drainage. It also cuts down on the ability of garden bugs to crawl inside your pots and eat what's planted there, from the bottom up:

Plus, they look so darn cute!

Although the pots are from one store and the feet from another, they really go well together:

Next step: Fill those pots with plants!


  1. Love the colors (and that you found them at 2 different places). I have 'pot feet' on a few of my pots, and this inspires me to get more -- it does look nice, and is very useful/practical!

  2. Hi there! I totally enjoyed visiting your blog today! It especially caught my eye because of the title of your blog. I too am sorta obsesseed with polka dots and teapots. I was scrolling through your teapot category...wowza...what fun! I have put you in my favorites and will check back from time to time. You three rock!

    I am a cardmaker and do a challenge using teapots as inspiration and I love dots! Ha

    If you have time, come visit me at

    (This is my story!)

    Good to find you!



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