Monday, September 5, 2011

My Dog's Job--A Labor Day Post

It's Labor Day, a day many folks reflect on their first job, or how much their current job pays, or what the future is for the job market.

All well and good. But I'm here to tell you about my dog's job.

Deeply imbedded into every pug's DNA is the impulse to Guard the Castle.

"The Castle" looks a lot like a driveway gate around here, but that doesn't matter to my dog.

His job is to guard the castle against all intruders. "Barking at the Huns," we call it.

And even though "the Huns" look a lot like people biking, or strolling the baby, or walking another dog, to my little dude, they're all Huns. And they must needs be barked at. Fiercely.

It's a tough job, but my bandy-legged little man does it very well. Even with two front right legs.


  1. Great photos - especially the last one! (And, you DO feel safer with him on guard, right?)

  2. Pugs look just as cute from the back as the front! Too cute!



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