Monday, January 31, 2011

Polka Dots and Honolulu Blues, Part 2

Dear Readers,

I tried to bring you back photos of polka dots from Hawaii, I really did. But almost every pattern there is floral. (Can you blame them?)

I was on Polka-Dot Prowl for five days, and here's what I found:

Beach towel

Varied sizes of dots

Polka-dotted and beswirled car

Little dots

The hands-down best place to find polka dots in Honolulu is the aquarium. No kidding! There was this scary guy:

And this adorable one, who gets bonus points for being polka dotted AND blue:

This shot below is a little fuzzy, for which I apologize. But this guy was a zippy swimmer, and it was hard to catch him in a good pose. Every bit of his body was neon colored--a hot-pink dorsal fin, screechy-yellow tail, a glow-in-the-dark pink body, and these amazing indigo polka dots like little laser points on his back half. Fantastic!

Here is my only shot of two different types of polka dots in one photo:

I had lots of fun capturing lots of other stuff, however. Here are some more Honolulu blues for you:

Toes and tiles

Kukui-nut necklaces

Blue descending a staircase (apologies to Marcel Duchamp)

Stretching class on the lawn

Mural, student apartment housing

Okay, I threw Leopard Boy in here just to keep you awake...

Beach mats for sale

Imported French liqueur

Cursive graffiti

Broken millefiore glass bead

Jetty on the public beach area of Waikiki

Bronze statue, Waikiki

A closeup of that cute seal, showing his head all rubbed shiny

Olivia (the girl) and Samantha (the doll)

Sky and surfboards

Granite facade, high-end jewelry store

Palm trees at night

Koi pond and rocking chairs, Sheraton Waikiki

Lotsa bling, Sheraton Waikiki gift shop

The bay of Waikiki (the small pink hotel is the Royal Hawaiian)

The view from atop Diamond Head

Dawn over the ocean

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  1. GREAT job on the polka dots...and more WONDERFUL shots of the 'blues'. You could go pro, you know!



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