Friday, January 14, 2011

Beefy Wellington

Yesterday wasn't my most productive day. But it might have been one of my favorite days, because we met this guy.

This is Wellington, an amazing pug. First of all, he's huge (about 26 pounds--and not just because he's a bit pudgy. He's simply the size of a small, furry tank):

Secondly, he has about twice as much "scruff" around his head and neck as your average pug, which allows him to rock a look like this: "Help! I'm being eaten alive by my own head!"

Forgive me some of these blurry shots, but we were having so much fun meeting Wellsie. We kind of ignored stuff like length of focus and instead concentrated on stuff like falling in love with him (which takes about, oh, 2.7 nanoseconds).

Wellington was abused in a former lifetime, and his injuries left him partially deaf and partially blind.

His horrible past did not taint his amazingly sweet personality, however. He is, without a doubt, the nicest, more agreeable, most gentlemanly dog I've ever met. And after volunteering for three years with homeless dogs, I've met a LOT of them.

This guy is one in a million.

And he could be yours. Wellington is looking for a permanent, "forever" home in the Los Angeles area.

Please adopt him so that I can come visit and dive-bomb into those wrinkles, okay?


1 comment:

  1. That is one adorable lovebug! If I didn't live in No. CA (with 2 greyhounds!), I would bring Wellington home in a heartbeat. I have no doubt his journey is bringing him closer and closer to his Forever Home where he will have all the love, and opportunities to share HIS love, that he could ever hope for. Give him a kiss for me.



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