Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Yesterday, the gardeners came, as they do every week.

Along with mowing the lawn and watering the potted plants, they dead-headed the roses. The tossed-aside blooms and petals lay in small heaps in the gutter, awaiting the trash can.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Even at the end of their blooming cycle, roses have the power of great beauty.


  1. Wow, beautiful...but a lot of those gorgeous blooms would have been in a vase in my house for a couple of days before I could bear to say 'goodbye'. My gardner doesn't do anything to mine except prune in the winter and spray once in a while, so I'm on my own the rest of the year...and I didn't know one should deadhead that much. (Not sure I'd have the heart or courage.) Does it help the bush to thrive and produce if deadheaded that much? Are your bushes bare now, or do they still have some blooms? You sure do have a gorgeous crop!! xoxo

  2. Yeah, I would've let some of those stay on the bush a little longer, but what the hay. I have to deadhead twice a week during this time of year, and if the gardeners want to help out a little, well, a little overzealous trimming is the price I pay, I guess. Mom always said that deadheading diverts more energy to the rest of the plant, and Bio Major Daughter agrees (and can can tell you in detail why). I still have lots of blooms left, thanks to the variety of roses planted and their different blooming patterns. Yay!



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