Sunday, June 6, 2010

Here and There: An Anywhere Grill

There is something both incredibly delicious and incredibly exciting about street food. No longer just dingy taco trucks, street food is reinventing itself all over the country. One of the early pioneers was Koji BBQ in Los Angeles, a Mexican-Korean fusion truck that used twitter to alert its followers to its next location. Here in Seattle the similar player is Marination, which dishes up award-winning Mexican-Korean-Hawaiian food. Skillet calls itself a modern American diner, while Maximus Minimus serves pork sandwiches out of an airstream altered to look like a giant silver pig. El Camion lives up to its subtitle: "autentica comida Mexicana." It's usually found in the parking lot of the Home Depot near my house, which is a great idea and really quite convenient. There's even a Thai truck, run by the local restaurant Kaosamai Thai. Seattle-based Top Pot Doughnuts can occasionally be found peddling their wares on the street, but I have to say I like Portland's Voodoo Doughnut more. And don't even get me started of how jealous I am that the San Francisco bay has two different cupcake trucks!

But when the big shots' lines are too long, I'm more than happy to eat at lesser-known Here and There, a bright orange truck from Seattle's eastside with a terrible website but terrific sandwiches.

Their menu is super simple: a few sandwiches, a killer tomato soup, and a cookie.

Each sandwich comes with a choice of fries or a garbanzo bean salad. Get the beans; they're awesome.

And can I just say: for a girl who doesn't eat pork and yet is tempted by delicious-looking pulled pork sandwiches everywhere, this braised beef sandwich knocks it out of the park! Oh yes yes yes how I love this sandwich.

See that? Soft, tender, juicy meat, sweetly sauteed onions, on a light but hearty bun, accented by a tangy horseradish aioli. Dear lord I'm hungry. Excuse me, I have to go chase down a truck.

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